Seed Library

What is the Seed Library?

The Pawlet Public Library Seed Library goal is to create a culture of learning, sharing, and community by offering free access to seeds for growing food, flowers, herbs and native plants. Patrons can “borrow” from our catalog of seeds to grow at home. Most seeds currently in stock are generous donations from High Mowing Organic Seeds and Hudson Valley Seed Co.

At the end of the season, gardeners can, but are not required to, ‘return’ seeds that they saved from the plants they grew. The Seed Library also organizes and promotes educational events and resources relevant to gardening, seed saving, and local food.


In line with the Library’s mission “to provide a leadership role in unifying the community through shared resources and meaningful experiences for all generations” the Seed Library’s aim is to collectively develop locally resilient plants and sustainable seed saving that reclaims seeds as a public resource.

How to Borrow Seeds 

  • From our seed collection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, you may “borrow”  the seeds with your library card.
  • Consult the seed catalog to help you grow.
  • Plant your seeds in soil with lots of sun and add water. 
  • If you are able, we ask that you save some of the seeds from the most hearty plants that grew, then “return” them to the seed library for others to “borrow” next season!

Why Grow Food?

 Growing our own food helps decrease our dependence on large-scale agriculture and food systems and increase our access to delicious, healthy, and diverse foods. Most importantly, it feels great to be outside in the garden with the birds and bees and plants and soil and sun. Imagine the magic of eating a vegetable that you grew, after many months, from a tiny seed you “borrowed” from your community here at the Seed Library.


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